In today’s highly competitive marketplace, meeting the demand for just-in-time deliveries, flexible packaging, the freshest products, or the highest production line efficiencies can be crucial to a company’s success. Efforts to meet these demands have led to the development of automation systems for the end-of-line and distribution processes of palletizing and depalletizing.

HQA palletizing solutions provide the pallet pattern flexibility, tooling flexibility, and cycle time needed to deal with multi-variety and small-batch production, and reduce process change costs.
HQA offers different types of palletizing systems with a wide range of payload options to suit most needs. Each has industry leading speed and quality to deliver high-performance automation technology for most of the palletizing applications.

HQA can provide a solution to give your production line the palletizing flexibility and product rate needed to compete in today's economy.

Palletizing Speed

Achieve the highest levels of speed and precision with our system designed specially to deliver operation needed for distribution.


System can palletize products with a weight of up to 40 kilograms and reach net stacking heights of up to 1.8 meters; all in a very small space.


Our modular design brings flexibility to another level by offering a palletizing cell that can be easily adapted to practically any type of plant layout.

S030 Palletizing System

The S030 compact robot palletizer is an entry level robotic cell. With a minimal floor space, this solution allows palletizing a wide variety of products with optimized change-over. The robot palletizer picks products from a roller conveyor and handles them using a vacuum end-of-arm-tool. (Other types of grippers are also available). Loads are built while the pallet is transferred from automatic pallet dispenser. Once pallet complete, conveyor system transfers it to unload station. User interface integrated to the robot controller makes operation and maintenance easier. This entry level palletizing cell is a great solution to upgrade end-of-line production.


Our palletizing system designed to operate fully automatically, with following specification:

Max box weight:
Max pallets in dispenser:
Palletizing speed:
up to 30 boxes/min( 1 box configuration)
Expected Lifetime:
50,000.00 hours
Power consumption:
2.5 kW
Price starting at: $ 132,500.00
Warranty: 1 year
Lead-time: 18 weeks
Saving when using robot
Try it with your own values!



Shift per day

Days per year

$ / hour
worker cost

What equal to: 400hours/month 4800hours/year
Saving when using robot
Labor Cost
$ 6,800.00/month
$ 81,600.00/year
Robot Expenses *
$ 652.20/month
$ 7,826.40/year
$ 6,147.80/month
$ 73,773.60/year
* Robot expenses included:

Maintenance and Electricity cost

Based on this numbers:
$ 132,500.00
Factory will have to invest to purchase system
$ 768,475.00
Factory will save during system lifetime
22 month (1 Years 10 Month)
System will pay for itself
125 month (10 Years 5 Month)
Estimated system lifetime
What is:
Return on investment:
Annualized ROI:
Average Annual Return AAR:
maintenance program for S030 automated palletizing system
S030 No-hassle maintenance/repair program

HQA offer maintenance program for S030 automated palletizing system:

Remote System Monitoring

HQA will monitor system remotely to provide apropriate maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

HQA technician will check and provide nessacery maintenance system each 1000 hours or twice per year


HQA will dispatch technician to assist with repair free of charge, within 24 hours


1.46 $/ per robot working hour